NCR Interoperable Communications Infrastructure

The NCR ICI is a regional initiative to enhance IT interoperability for public safety and emergency response. The ICI has established IT infrastructure and policy to strengthen the flow of information between jurisdictions, agencies, and first responders. These entities need the ability to share information and data in a reliable and secure manner to ensure that proper communications systems and processes are available on demand during emergencies and daily operations.

NCR ICI Services

The NCRnet interconnects the existing internal networks of all NCR jurisdictions and key partner entities. It provides dedicated local government-controlled access to critical public safety, emergency management, and law enforcement systems and enables real-time cross-jurisdiction communications. Industry-accepted security services available on NCRnet help protect the applications and data that use the network to perform daily public safety functions as well as emergency management.

The Identity and Access Management Service (IAMS) allows an authorized End User to log in to a participating regional application by entering his or her jurisdiction credentials. If the application runs over the NCRnet and both the application and its participating jurisdictions are integrated with IAMS, End Users do not need a separate username and password to access their regional applications.

The Data Exchange Hub (DEH) is a set of standards and methodology that form a “template” for building and implementing public safety applications that translate data between different systems and regional sources. This common vocabulary and structure facilitates improved Situational Awareness in the region and eases future growth of sharing of CAD, GIS, law enforcement, and other data.

Regional Applications

Public safety entities in the NCR have developed specific regional data exchange applications to support their daily operations and catastrophe planning efforts. While applications remain in the ownership of the jurisdictional agencies, the NCR ICI provides standards, guidelines, and services to support the development and operations of regional public safety applications such as the CAD2CAD Exchange, the Geospatial Data Exchange (GDX), and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).